Need Inspiration…

2019…is starting out rough well just at work more or less…

So far this year…well last week…I have fought through a 1 year old with double ear infection then fighting the flu myself all while trying to get my daughter to school on time and still manage to cook some kind of dinner for the husband.

Oh and worry about the pile of work I had to come back too…

Silver lining? It was nice to be at home and sleep even when it was because I had to in order to get over the flu.

Aside from that madness, at the beginning of this week, I started a new audiobook called “Girl, Wash Your Face” for my hour long drive into work and finished it today. This book is giving me so much inspiration to quit my job and find my dream job…this book is giving me hope day by day at work. This mom tells me that I am enough and I need to have self-love. Every female needs to pick up this book or listen to Rachel Hollis tell her story.

Well, my break is over, back to work for now…

❤ Panda Mom



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