Hello! Long time no blog… life has got me running around and semi-stressed out! Trying to ugly full time work and putting in gym time and being a mom AND wife has got me pooped.

Most wonder how I even have time to go to the gym. Easy. I make time. I put effort in gym time. There are days where I don’t want to but I still go and after a good hard workout I’m feeling less stressed and accomplished.

I currently am not loving my body right now. I’m almost 1 year post-partum and I hate my body. I’m losing weight slowly as I’m still nursing but man I feel like nothing looks good on me. Jeans fit me weird, I hate my arm, my tummy is flabby… you know all the things that I use to love after losing A LOT of weight after my horrible divorce. Now, I’m slowly trying to ease back to it.

How do you mom’s out there bounce back into shape? I feel like I’m not doing it right… it’s taking such a long time for me to lose this weight…

On another note my panda boy is turning ONE soon!


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