Hi All! Sorry I have been MIA… work…moving… moming…

It has got me all stressed out and I need to vent a bit over having friends at this age…

I’m at the age where I do not need to maintain a friendship, in my opinion. If we can’t just pick up where we leave off and we have to constantly maintain, then sorry but “bye, Felicia”. I can’t be living life and have to worry about maintaining a friendship.

Let me enlighten as to why…

First, I am married. Second, I am a mom of 2. Third, I ain’t got time for any BS.

We should all be able to live life and not have to worry who is going to be in and out of our life. It should be, “hey, let’s have girl time this day at this time”, then after that go back to living your life. Don’t sit around trying to maintain a friendship. It’s going to be one sided..well at least with me. This is currently my relationship with my own family as well. I don’t want you up in my business or I don’t want to be in yours.

On another note…look at this cool picture I snapped at the art museum: IMG_9633



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