Last Friday, I got mastitis for the first time. It was the worst sickness ever! It hit me out of no where! All started on Thursday, my whole body was aching at work. I thought it was going to just rain cause when the weather shifts, I normally get body aches (weird right?!?!…I know). After getting home Thursday evening, my body was hit with chills. It was 90 degrees in Texas and I’m wearing a pretty heavy jacket. I told my husband I was about to bust out my snowboarding jacket just to stay warm (LOL). I honestly thought I was getting the flu or a cold, but this was way worse. It felt horrible.

While having fever, body aches and chills, I still have to nurse my panda baby boy. The only way to get better and not take antibiotics is nurse, nurse, nurse (per Google). Fast forward to Saturday, I literally was back to normal. Thank goodness that it doesn’t stick around longer like the flu or cold, if it did I wouldn’t know if I would survive breastfeeding. Anyways….lesson learned is that I should NOT miss any pumping sessions at work otherwise mastitis could occur again.

On another note…check out our Father’s Day picture of my loves!

T-shirt’s were made by Face on T….check it out on Etsy!


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