“We live in the present, we dream of the future and we learn eternal truths from the past.” – Mme. Chiang Kai-Shek

This quote has been posted on my personal IG page for years. It’s been there since my horrible divorce in 2015 (the worst time of my life). The more I recite it to myself the more it makes sense, especially the “eternal truths from the past”. My past included the truths I had to learn and accept that I was cheated on and it continued to happen. I should of walked away at the first one but ended up staying for all the wrong reasons. That person will always be a toxic person in my book due to the truth I had to learn about him. However, there are more than bad truths. There can be positive truths we learn from ourselves and others.

Let me leave with a positive truth from my past…

When I thought my family was not going to be there in my darkest days, they were there. Family comes first for me after learning that no one was really there for me but my family, even when we had disagreements.

On another note… look at this cool panda baby: j4



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