I survived my first day back at work! Go me!

I didn’t forget how to do my job and was able to ease back in after the first few hours. I did visit my baby panda at lunch and of course I cried leaving. I didn’t visit again until I was off work.

He did surprisingly well! The daycare sent me pictures throughout the day and it looks like he had fun (pictures below). I think he will adjust well in the new environment.

Besides all that, breastfeeding moms that exclusively pump… mad props to you all! I did it twice today and I currently hate it. All the parts and baggies I had to deal with, I didn’t enjoy it much. Any tips to make expression milk better?


2 Replies to “Work (I survived)”

  1. My experience of pumping at work was decent.I had a large office and could close and lock the door. My pump was easy–everything in one. I think it was a Medela pump. I pumped 2-3 times during the work day because my kiddo only had breast milk. I had to make sure he had an ample supply. I expressed straight into the bottles which I stored in my fridge till ready to leave.Then,transferred them to the “cooler” built into the breast pump carrier.


  2. Its been about a month now and I still dread it… I am glad that my supply has even out and even if I miss an hour here or there it does not drastically change my supply.


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