Sorry that I have been MIA…I’ve spent the weekend with the family and enjoying the remainder of my time off.

One week from today my mornings will start earlier and the madness will probably continue through the day. I am returning to work after taking 6 full months off. My 6 months mainly included caring for my panda boy I had last November and being physically there for my daughter school events. That was a pleasure for me to be able to be more involved.

As I return back to my 40 hours work week and my son going to daycare; I’m going to probably cry the first day I drop him off followed by the next few days or weeks until I get the hang of it. My mornings of sleeping in and nursing him or cuddling him will come to a bittersweet end.

I can see why other countries have maternity leave for up to a year! Currently, I wish I lived in Finland, Belgium or even Sweden! The bond between mother and child to me is much more intense when you nurse. I wonder if I had nurses my daughter; would I be more emotionally attached to her? I feel much more attached to my son.

Anyways, I will keep posting as best as I can and provide any updates or tips to help make the maternity leave to work transition better for any moms out there reading this.


Panda Mom


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