Yesterday…marked another day that passes as it gets closer to me returning to work. I officially enrolled my baby panda boy into daycare. During the intake meeting, I started to feel emotional and a few years escaped. I have spent almost 6 months away from work and 24/7 with this little human.

After the intake meeting was over I went out to my car and cried. I just had a wave of emotions and thoughts of how his first day of daycare will be. Will he like it? Will he just cry and cry for me? Will he like the teachers? Will this…will that…

I tried to look at the bright side…it’s right next to work. I can walk to the daycare if I need to. But then I thought to myself, will I be able to spend 6 to 8 hours away from him?

He may be okay but mommy might not be…


5 Replies to “Emotional”

  1. Sorry you are feeling this way, momma! I am not a mommy yet; however, I have worked as a daycare teacher for over 6 years. Make yourself at home in your daycare and get to know your panda boys teachers, HUMANIZE yourself with them and they will you – that I believe is important. A genuine bond between people. Good luck!

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      1. Definitely! At all the daycares I’ve been we support and encourage breast feeding mothers! Also, if you are still searching for your daycare, I would like to add that after having worked in 3 different church based daycare centers and having been to one myself as a child, there is something about the energy and the people that make everything seem just right and at home.

        If your son is a dual language learner you could always try to provide his caregivers with a few simple phrases or words to help foster his language skills (this could also help form a bond.)

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