Why do kids now days want to grow up faster? Do they not know that “adulting” kinda sucks sometimes?

My panda girl wants to dress more “like an adult”. She wants to wear shoes with wedges or some kind of heel, she wants me to get her some bras…the other day she asked if we can do something about her leg hairs.

Should I break it to her that being an adult means you got to pay your own bills? Like paying for a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food for your tummy, utility bills, etc. I want her to appreciate her youth while she can!

I know it’s all part of life but I wished I was able to appreciate my youth again.


3 Replies to “Growing to Fast”

  1. This is why I try to keep my babies as babies. I almost cried a couple of weeks ago when my almost 4 year old didn’t need me to help feed him his milk and cereal even though I know he’s more than old enough to do it. Being an adult really does suck, so I’m planning on telling my kids the same thing my mom told us: stay a kid as long as possible because adulthood is even longer. I figure if it worked for me, it might work for them, though they do have an overgrown kid for a dad. I hope your baby girl slows down!

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