Teething = sleepless nights with a cranky baby…

I am so over teething and its only been a couple of weeks. Panda baby has been super cranky and just randomly wants to cry throughout the night. We finally just settled the sleeping schedule and now its all gone. I’ve gone through teething mitts, the popular teething banana toy/brush, amber anklet/necklace, teething necklace and frozen baby towel; nothing works.

I have read horror stories over the Oral Gel stuff about babies not breathing and not going to chance it. Is there advice for other parents out there?

Meanwhile the Panda Mitts looks cute but he always finds his other hands or munches on my arms….



4 Replies to “Teething”

  1. I feel your pain. My daughter started teething a couple months ago and hasn’t seemed to really stop. It’s great that the teeth are coming in (she’s almost 1 and still mostly toothless), but it’s one at a time. She also won’t use any teething toys and spits up Tylenol, so we suffer. Though now that she has 3 teeth, I’ve found crackers really make her happy during the day. Best of luck!


  2. I used to put my kids teether toys in the freezer, the cold really helps! I also used ice cubes with my puppy when he was teething, so maybe try ice pops, sugar free of course… Good luck! x


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