Yesterday, my daughter was expressing that other kids were being mean to her because she was eating a healthy snack (cheese and dried apples tray). I asked her what are these kids eating and her response was “junk food”. I responded, “well that sounds unhealthy and what are they saying that bothers you and you couldn’t ignore?”. Then my husband intervened with the following:

Panda Dad: Have you seen a bucket of crabs?

Panda Girl: Yes, but I don’t like crabs and they scare me when they move.

Panda Dad: Do you ever notice how there is always one crab that tries to escape but there are the other crabs that tries to pull that one crab down?

Panda Girl: Yes

Panda Dad: Well, don’t be that crab. In life, there will be people that tries to pull you down. Don’t let them. Be a leader not a follower. Mom packs you healthy lunches because she wants you to grow strong and healthy and you shouldn’t let people bother you over meaningless comments.

I love this man! He always has great insight when explaining things to her.


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