A working and nursing mother…that’s what I’ll have to be in a month. I actually took 26 weeks off instead of just 16 weeks. Now, I’m feeling emotional thinking that I will have to return to work and leave my little panda at a day care. Day care is offered right on my job site, so maybe I’m over thinking it…

I told myself, if work doesn’t work out, everything will be okay. I want to be available for my little ones and if that means taking a few years off work, it will happen. At the beginning the thought of leaving my position I worked so hard for was emotional but now the thought of leaving my little panda at daycare makes me even more emotional. He outweighs the need for work.

I am very fortunate that if I needed to become a stay at home mom, I can. I am not the breadwinner for the family, my wonderful husband is. I am our son’s food source currently and his daily care provider.

The moms out there that work and nurse, I give y’all mad props! The thought of this slightly intimidates me. You see, my company offered 16 weeks paid maternity leave and 10 weeks unpaid child bonding leave. I know there are moms out there that work for companies without maternity leave or they have to return to work because they are the breadwinner of the household. Whatever the situation may be, WOW, to all of you!

I will take any tips on how to be successful at nursing and keeping it together when I return to work.

Thanks all!


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