Growing up Asian means that my parents always expected high standards, for example, making straight A’s. Majority of Asian parents expect their kids to become doctors, lawyers, and engineers; nothing else. I know I sound stereotypical but it’s the hard truth of having Asian parents.

I actually find myself enforcing some “Asian” expectations to my panda girl. She’s only 8 but my husband and I buy her additional workbooks for math to complete. We always tell her it is good to practice math all the time. My husband will occasionally throw random math problems at her or even spelling words for her to spell. Aside from that doing well is school is expected.

The overall expectation is that she needs to work hard and make straight A’s. I am not as strict as my parents, if she gets a few B’s, we discuss it and move on. When I made B’s, it was the end of the world for my parents. I got disciplined and they applied more work at home. Growing up I struggled with math (black sheep of the Asians…LOL!) and my parents still expected me to make my A’s even though it meant morning and after school tutoring sessions and any extra credit work I could get.

I think that with the high expectation and the discipline they enforced, it has made me a better adult and parent. It has made me realize that it takes hard work to make sure I raise kids that work hard and appreciate everything they earn or receive. Overall, I’ve learned that it is okay to get upset at a child if they did something wrong or if they fail. Your job as a parent, is to discipline them and pick them up and encourage them to try again.




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