Family time is crucially important, in my opinion. I have been guilty of not setting time aside to just get off my phone, tablet or computer and play a simple board game with my family. I was either always working or on-the-go to get something done. Things for me has changed since having a second child. I schedule time to sit and play a board game, watch a movie or a couple of kids’ shows as a family.

My 8 year old enjoys family time with no interruption. Since I started scheduling family time weekly, she has been doing better with everything (school, cleaning room, etc.). She looks forward to it and will start setting a board game up or get a show/movie ready. I think it is nice to allow her that small responsibility and it is a great reminder for me that family time is approaching.

I think that, we as parents, sometimes get to caught up in providing for the family financially and not realizing that we also need to be there to connect with our “little pandas” as well. Learn to appreciate the now and when they are still little to acknowledge your presence. One day, they will be come a teenager and will be too cool to hang with you!



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