The struggles from transitioning from boob to bottle is my current dilemma. Panda baby decided that he’s too good for a bottle. This wasn’t the case a few months ago; he was taking a bottle just fine until Colorado daycare happened. Since then, he has decided that he prefers is milk source from tap.

As time passes and going back to work is approaching, I have spent a good amount of money trying all sorts of bottles. Now, I am moving to sippy cups hoping he will take it. Currently, sippy cups does look more hopeful but Panda Baby has learned to toss them instead.

Side note…we also tried the “lets let him starve” method but he’s a trooper. He will just cry and cry and cry. It lasted about 3 hours with Daddy Panda before I was called back to nurse him.

I have about 5 weeks left before work starts again and taking any suggestions on how to make this work…



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