Comparing The Little Gym and Gymboree Play and Music

In the last few weeks I tried out the free classes offered at both The Little Gym and Gymboree Play and Music, here is my opinion of both.

The Little Gym
– Focused on mobility skills
– Had bubbles
– Used lots of pop music over stereo system
– Teacher helped student one-by-one as parents await their child’s turn to walk on the balance beam (with teacher holding baby), baby’s “rock climbing” (featured in picture below)


Gymboree Play and Music
– Focused on depth perception using scarves and parachute
– Tummy time with mirror (see picture below for panda baby’s reflection) and tactile ball (pictured with Gymbo the Clown)
– Had bubbles (see picture below of panda baby’s expression)
– No pop music
– Teacher sang simple songs (similar to nursery rhymes)
– Parent interaction the whole time (did not have to wait around for baby’s turn)

Overall, both gyms had great option but I favored Gymboree Play and Music more as it had parent interaction the whole time and I did not have to wait my turn to use equipment or props.

Please feel free to ask me any question on either gym!


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