Back in February, we took a family trip to Breckinridge, Colorado and traveling by car with a panda baby is no joke. The 15 hours drive split into 2 days was quite miserable but we had to take our annual snowboarding trip. Papa Panda, Mama Panda, and Sister Panda was itching for some snowboarding time in the mountains.

Day 1 in Breckenridge started with unloading the car and calling it a night over some expensive seafood. I honestly would have been happy with a simple bean and cheese taco (I’ve lived in San Antonio for almost 10 years and those tacos grow on you) but it was nowhere to be found.

Day 2 in Breckenridge, sister panda enrolled into snowboarding school (great child care option) and papa panda is off to snowboard the gorgeous mountains. I was left with panda baby to explore the town. It is tough baby wearing a 12 pound panda baby in layers and walking in snow (great workout though).

Day 3 in Breckenridge, finally I get to snowboard! We put panda baby in daycare ($130 for one day!!! But I was itching to snowboard) and I headed for the mountain. That one day did not last at all. I didn’t even complete a full run down the mountain and daycare calls as he is inconsolable.

Day 4, 5 and 6 in Breck, I think I explored most of main street and had my fair share of some delicious crepes.

Overall, a long car ride with a panda baby that completely dislikes the car seat is challenging and I recommend flying or saving this kind of trip for when they walk.


Please feel free to ask me for any tips I’ve learned on taking a long road trip!


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