My panda girl is 8 years old (she acts like she went from 8 to 18). My panda boy is barely 5 months, but with the large gap, it reflects from my panda girl. Just the other day, she came to me crying because she feels that all the attention is on her baby brother. We had a good heart-to-heart that day…

She had felt like I didn’t love her anymore is what she expressed. It broke my heart when she said this </3.

While being pregnant I had told myself that I will try my best to continue to give her the attention she needs and plan out mommy and me dates that would be focused on her only. Planning made it sound easier but it wasn’t. Baby brother took most of my time as I was learning how to nurse him. It felt like I was nursing him all day everyday.

Fast forward…we talked about how I still loved her and will work on giving her more attention and plan our mommy and me dates but it does have to include baby brother. I explained to her that he’s just a baby and she was once a baby too. Babies require quite a bit of attention in the first year. At 8, I hoped she understood.

It has been about two weeks now and she hasn’t seem upset and is interacting with baby brother much more. I keep reminding myself to include her in everything I can. I do not want to hear that she thinks I don’t love her again.




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